5 Mistakes Businesses Make with their Website Content

Regardless of if you are offering a service, portfolio, product or launching an e-commerce website or something else, your website content should not only speak in the voice of you and your brand, it also needs to speak directly to your customer, their needs, desires, and prompt them to take action.

The reason for this is that creating an online presence that works for you is when it gets your visitors to take action. Without that, your content is worthless. If you avoid these frequently made mistakes, you can be sure you’re putting your site closer towards being productive and functional, ready to handle visitors and their objections, regardless of your type of business.

1. Lack of marketing strategy and business plan

Sadly this one significant problem people get when setting up their websites. They think they could just purchase a domain name and bam!! Instant traffic. And this gets really serious for those that are relying on their website for their daily bread.

Before investing your cash, resources and time into a website, take some to construct a concrete business plan and marketing strategy.

When I say the business plan, I didn’t mean a lengthy document that covers every occurrence in the business. Instead, a standard business plan must answer the questions below.

  • What services or products are you offering?
  • What is your niche market and whom do you prefer to be your customers?
  • Know your competitors? Can you capitalize on their competitor’s weaknesses?
  • What will your online presence consist of?

Speaking about your marketing strategy, ensure that you have in place the about to be mentioned items. These will help you in generating traffic and converting visitors into customers.

  • An e-commerce analytics/tracking system, such as Google Analytics.
  • An e-commerce analytics/tracking system, such as comprehending the difference between PPC and SEO.

2. Note the importance of Social Media platforms.

Simply because this is an increasingly growing and popular field, there are much more than enough online marketing strategies to assist you. You could review these policies to aid you to determine what doesn’t work and what works. Simply keep it in mind that there may be some spots, such as PPC and SEO, that might require external help.

This is a rapidly growing and favorite field; there are much more than enough marketing strategies for your online businesses to assist you in determining what doesn’t and does work.

3. Do not underestimate the work involved

If you feel that setting up a website is an excellent way to gain fast and easy money, then you are sadly mistaking. There absolutely is much more work involved than just taking an order and shipping an item. It is a process that demands your whole attention and will need a fair amount of trial and errors, such as which techniques are active or not in your attempt at driving traffic to your website.

Even if you give another person some parts of your business, it is certain that you still have to keep an eye on the structure of the company. Just because it is online does not mean that it is run or operated any differently from traditional businesses. In summary, be ready to spend a reasonable amount of time to adjust, improve and maintain your website.

3. Picking the wrong e-commerce website platforms and hosts.

Honestly speaking there are lots of free hosts, with the likes of Weebly and blogger, so why do you have to pay for a host? Especially when the free options are fast and effortless to set up.
However, some problems surround free hosts. To start with, a lot of individuals will not take you very seriously if you do not own your own domain name(yourwebsite.com). Some functions, with the likes of connecting with social media platforms, aren’t available. The most significant disadvantage, however, is that you do not own the content or site. Suddenly spending five to ten dollars per month for hosts does not seem like a bad investment.

4. Excessively Blog Focused

I’m confident you have heard of WordPress, it is a very well known blogging services around. Though, it isn’t always the best choice to create a website, of which a lot of people are doing these days. I as a person utilize WordPress for most of my website creation.

Unless you are offering news, WordPress or any other blogging platform makes it hard to categorize a website and may not be the perfect option for your startup.

In other words, blogging is a perfect tool when making content to entice visitors; it directly does not always translate into a magnificently effective website. Do not be too concerned about just your blog, that’s an error that should be checked and avoided.

5. Lack of balance between the message and design

The design of your website, of course, needs to be visually appealing, you do not want visitors to ignore your site as a result of its weak and unattractive design, but still, the plan is not everything. On top of owning a website that requires you to convey or adequately pass the message you are trying to present, such as the plan of action for the visitors, business objectives and quality content that you have created.

All great websites may appear outstanding, but as individuals or visitors continue to read the copy, it washes into the background. Why is the balance between the design and message such a big deal? The reason is that you do not want the website’s plan to turn away the visitor’s eyes away from the primary purpose of the website’s creation; your marketing message.


So there you have it some issues that could come up when setting up your site, having control over these five errors will ensure that you have the utmost control over your website. The above mentioned and explained errors should be taken into serious consideration before uncovering your great website.